If you’re wondering why global organisations like Yashili are investing millions to open their doors in the Waikato, don’t miss this outstanding opportunity.

Please join us at a FREE one-day conference to find out what the Waikato district offers, what help is available and how you and your business can leverage major investments in infrastructure, transport, innovation and more.

The Waikato district is open for business. Come on in!

Got a question about this event? Please contact Clive Morgan, Waikato District Council's Economic Development Manager at clive.morgan@waidc.govt.nz

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Where does the Waikato fit, what opportunities are yet to be exploited and what are the priorities for Waikato tourism?
All you need to know about identifying, accessing and making the most of what's already out there to support Waikato business growth.
A frank and honest discussion on how to maximise Waikato's development and investment potential and avoid any road blocks.

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E Tu Waikato


9am to 3pm

Hamptons Pavilion,

Hampton Downs Motorsport Park


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