Number and value of building consents


The waikato is the third-fastest growing district in the country.

Figures recently released in our 2015/2016 Annual Report show that Waikato is currently the third-fastest growing district in the country after Selwyn (in Canterbury) and Queenstown.

Mayor Allan Sanson says the Council is seeking new ways to maintain and build the infrastructure the district needs to support an expected population of more than 26 per cent over the next 15 years (from about 69,900 this year to 88,200 in 2031).

Out of the 2004 building consents issued in 2015/16, 791 were for new dwellings – an increase of 54%.

The number of building consents for new dwellings in the past four years:

  • 2012/13: 363
  • 2013/14: 506
  • 2014/15: 511
  • 2015/16: 791

New dwellings consented

The Waikato region has seen an increase in consents every year since 2012. Waikato district had 849 dwellings consented in the year ended November 2016.


27 commercial-industrial buildings to the value of $30 million were consented in the Waikato District in the year ended November 2013. 

Waikato Building Consents

The Waikato Building Consent Group is a collection of eight Council's across the Waikato region created to foster cooperation and consistency in building control functions, processes and documentation in order to provide an excellent and consistent customer service across the Waikato Region.


Infrastructure is essential for the economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental health and wellbeing of our community. Infrastructure should be developed and operated in a manner that is sustainable, taking into account economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental matters.

Waikato Town Centres

Waikato district offers a welcoming community to suit everyone and every family. Whether it’s a sleepy rural haven, a laid-back beach resort, or towns rich in history and cultural heritage, we have it all. Our close neighbours include New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, and its fourth largest city, Hamilton.


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