There are more than 230,000 dairy cattle in the district, the third largest concentration of cows in New Zealand.  The Waikato has the highest average milk-solids production per hectare in the North Island (where 74 per cent of dairy herds are based).

Waikato dairy farmers supply New Zealand’s largest company, Fonterra, which is significant player in global dairy trade. More than 200,000 cows are milked daily in the region with an average yield per cow of 17.45 litres of milk each day.

Fonterra website
DairyNZ website

Livestock Improvement Corporation website


Coal has been mined in the Waikato since the late 1840s. By the 1950s, production was over 1 million tonnes a year, and is now about 2.5 million tonnes a year.


Waikato is a major energy region, producing up to one third of the nation’s total renewable (non-thermal) electricity. Almost 40 per cent of installed generation capacity is in the Waikato including five thermal plants, 10 hydro plants, seven geothermal plants and one wind-farm.


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