The Waikato District Health Board and Counties-Manukau District Health Board manage public health services in the Waikato district.  A wide range of services is available, ranging from primary services to advanced specialty services of world-class standard.  Most primary health care services are based around medical centres and general practices where doctors, practice nurses and other health professionals work.  Primary health care covers a broad range of health and preventative services, including:

  • - assessment and treatment, including referral to other services
  • - prescribing medications
  • - health education and advice
  • - counselling
  • - immunisations and vaccinations
  • - health screening e.g. cervical smears.

Hospital and specialist health services are mostly based in Hamilton and South Auckland, within driving distance of Waikato district.  Other medical services available in the district include dental, maternity care, care of the elderly, physiotherapy, pharmaceutical. There is also a range of alternative health care providers.

After-hours and emergency services are available at clinics in Hamilton and South Auckland. Waikato and Auckland provide an air ambulance service.

Download our health fact sheet for more information. Health (140kb)

Social Services Providers

Ministry of Social Development

The Ministry of Social Development is all about helping to build successful individuals, and in turn building strong, healthy families and communities.

The Ministry provides:

  • - care and protection of vulnerable children and young people
  • - employment, income support and superannuation services
  • - funding to community service providers
  • - social policy and advice to government
  • - student allowances and loans.

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Child, Youth and Family

Child, Youth and Family is the government agency that has legal powers to intervene to protect and help children who are being abused or neglected or who have problem behaviour.

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Family and Community Services

Family and Community Services leads and co-ordinates services and programmes to support families.

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Work and Income

Work and Income provides income support and employment services throughout New Zealand. It offers a single point of contact for New Zealanders needing help to find a job, income support and in-work support.

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New Zealand Superannuation

This is a fortnightly payment for people aged 65 and over.  To receive New Zealand Superannuation you must:

  • - be aged 65 or over
  • - be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • - normally live in New Zealand at the time you apply.

You must also have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years since you turned 20. Five of those years must be since you turned 50. Time spent overseas in certain countries and for certain reasons may be counted for New Zealand Superannuation.

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Students, Seniors and Integrity Services

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Administers Student Allowances, Student Loans and Unemployment Benefit Student Hardship.

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SuperGold Card

A free discounts and concessions card available to New Zealand residents who are aged 65 years or over, and those under 65 years receiving New Zealand Superannuation or the Veteran's Pension.

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International Services

Delivers services such as assessment and payment of pensions to people who come to New Zealand from overseas, and assists New Zealanders who leave the country to obtain benefits and pensions overseas. International Services is also involved in negotiating social security agreements with other countries.

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Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

ACC supports people who have been injured by helping them get back to work and everyday life as soon as possible. ACC also works to help prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

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Parental Leave

Employees who are having a baby can apply for parental leave. If two spouses/partners assume the care of a child under six years that they intend to jointly adopt, they can nominate which of them is primarily eligible for parental leave. You are eligible for parental leave if you have worked for the same employer for an average of at least 10 hours a week, and at least one hour in every week or 40 hours in every month, in the six or 12 months immediately before the baby’s expected due date or the date you have assumed the care of a child you intend to adopt.

Parental leave of 14 continuous weeks may start up to six weeks before the expected date of birth or adoption. If you plan to take parental leave, you must write to your employer at least three months before your expected date of birth.

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Download our social services fact sheet for more information. Social Services (258kb)

Our Place in NZ

Waikato district sits within the greater Waikato region located in the upper central area of the North Island of New Zealand. The Waikato is in the heart of the ‘golden triangle’ between New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, its fourth largest city Hamilton and the fifth largest port city of Tauranga. With a superb location, it provides a massive and growing range of lifestyle and business opportunities, all in a stones through of these large centres.

Our Lifestyle

Waikato district is, quite simply, an outstanding place to live. Our natural features, location, rich cultural heritage, excellent schooling and huge lifestyle advantages are a magnet for people seeking a high quality of life.

Waikato towns

Waikato district offers a welcoming community to suit everyone and every family. Whether it’s a sleepy rural haven, a laid-back beach resort, or towns rich in history and cultural heritage, we have it all. Our towns are a short commute to New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, and its fourth largest city, Hamilton.


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