The Waikato Region is the fourth largest region in New Zealand. The district’s 418,000 hectares is predominantly made up of productive agricultural countryside linked by 26 towns, villages and settlements.

waikato district perfectly positioned close to auckland and tauranga


A brief history of the Waikato

Waikato is the ancestral region of Māori tribes descended from people who came to New Zealand on the Tainui waka (canoe) in the 13th century. They include Ngāti Maniapoto, Ngāti Toarangatira (Ngāti Toa), Ngāti Raukawa, tribes of the Marutūahu confederation, Ngāti Mahuta and Ngāti Hauā.

Māori settled throughout the Waikato region, usually on hilltops, or beside lakes or harbours. From the late 1700s there were struggles between tribes for land.

 “Named after the mighty Waikato River, which winds through the region, Waikato is known for its lush, tranquil pastures but has a turbulent history. Now it is New Zealand’s foremost dairy farming region with other major industries including coal mining, hydro-electricity generation, timber milling and pulp and paper manufacturing. Hamilton, New Zealand’s fourth-largest city, contains more than half of the region’s population….”

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Waikato towns

Waikato district offers a welcoming community to suit everyone and every family. Whether it’s a sleepy rural haven, a laid-back beach resort, or towns rich in history and cultural heritage, we have it all. Our towns are a short commute to New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, and its fourth largest city, Hamilton.


Nearly 40 per cent of New Zealand’s total population lives within a 150km radius of the Waikato district. The Waikato Expressway connects the population of Auckland (1.57 million) with the greater Waikato, meaning almost 2 million people are in close proximity. This provides a ready-made consumer market plus additional resources including labour and specialist skills.

Our Lifestyle

Waikato district is, quite simply, an outstanding place to live. Our natural features, location, rich cultural heritage, excellent schooling and huge lifestyle advantages are a magnet for people seeking a high quality of life.


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