To the west of Hamilton lies Raglan, a dramatic piece of coastline with a rough left hand surf break. Where bright Pohutakawa and native bush, slightly bent from the sea wind, make their way down the cliff faces to meet the comforting black sand.

It's a place where time stands still.

Where you find yourself sinking further and further into the warm, good vibes of this quirky, quaint town. It ropes you in. And you find yourself smiling.

Here in this little piece of paradise, you can almost feel your worries drift away, off over Karioi and get lost at sea.

But be careful, you might find Raglan edging its way to a special place in your heart. Eventually, it may even be one of the only places that makes your soul happy.

Just like mine.

Thomi Brownlee - Reader Report - Stuff

Images: Fairfax NZ


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