Tearing it up on the Huntly Speedway track this season are brother and sister mini stock drivers Kyle and Imogen Whitiker.

At 14 years old Kyle knows his way around an engine more than most his age and following his lead is 13-year-old Imogen. 

The Te Kauwhata College students are fairly new to the racing scene but are already hooked. 

In his second season of racing, Kyle said he remembered being nervous during his first race but it was better than he expected.

"I really loved it," he said. 

His next big goal is to have the checkered flag flash in front of him for the first time. 

Long term, he wants to get into sprint cars because he believes "the bigger, the better".

For Imogen, she's currently in the midst of completing a mentor programme to receive her full licence.

Learner drivers have a different set of rules during racing as they have to stick to the inside of the track.

Her sights are set on getting in the top 10. 

Imogen said stock car racing was a unique sport and she's proud of it. 

"It's not something many people get to do.

"Some people say, oh that's dumb, [I say] oh you think what you think then."

The playing field while racing isn't even yet but they still have their competitive streak during practices.

"Don't worry, I've only beat him four times," Imogen said. 

Yet the support for one another outweighs their desire to get ahead as they cheer each other on and work together on their cars with their father Glen.

As a trained mechanic and engineer, Glen mentors them when fixing up the cars at Jackson Engineering.

"I'm pretty privileged to work there," he said.

The shop is owned by the children's grandparents and uncle Karl who have also helped out.

Working on the cars a few hours each week, it's "good family time," Glen said.

"It's just enjoyment seeing them learn... and I like the family time."

He's never been involved in stock car racing before and so it was a nerve-racking for him and wife Keri in the beginning but they adjusted quickly. 

"The safety features on the cars are pretty up there," he said. 


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