A taste of...Firepot Cafe in Gordonton Village, 1063 Gordonton Road, Waikato.

We'd heard… It was a good spot to get out of the hustle bustle of Hamilton without having to drive too far. It's 10 minutes from Hamilton. It's open 7 days a week. It's also handy if travelling to or from Auckland. 

We started with… An Angus beef burger ($18) - an Angus beef patty, vintage cheddar, sweet gherkin mayonnaise, sauerkraut, on a toast brioche bun served with rustic fries and aioli. It was very tastyand certainly filling - I couldn't finishthe bun. The fries were great. They had a homemade taste and look about them. 

Half asparagus salad and half chickpea salad

The asparagus and feta salad from the cabinet was divine ($9.50). The crunchy texture of the green shoots, juxtaposed by the salty soft feta was an unexpected match. Only tread into the chickpea salad ($9.50) territory if you like chickpeas, which I do. I suggest having it heated to amp up the creamy texture of the legume. I had mine heated and it highlighted the creamy texture. I had a flat white ($4.20) which was good, hit the spot while the ice coffee ($6.50) was refreshing and went down well. 

Iced coffee at the Firepot Cafe, Gordonton Village, Waikato district.The service was… OK, the staff were efficient, they just did their job and offered not a lot more. 

The vibe was… We opted to sit outside, while the main road is fairly close you aren't disrupted by it. If you overlook the paddocks it takes you to the country. Inside the place was clean and friendly, it also sells a few nick-nacks.

If you go… Make sure you consider the cabinet food, it looked great and the salad was fresh. 

But try and avoid.. Leaving lunch too late. We went at 1pm and the popular cabinet food selection was looking sparse.

Rating out of 5: 3


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