Kristel Lindfield, owner of Raglan Buds Flower Farm, was arranging her bunches for sale at the Raglan Four Square on Bankart St when we stopped her for a chat about what it's like when the pace quickens in the small town.

What has been happening around town lately?

"I've been hiding on the land growing flowers, avoiding it really.

"It's been much of the usual. A lot of people around town eating. Not so much watersports because it's been a bit too cold. A lot of surfing and everything else that Raglan's famous for."

What's the big scandal in town this year?

"I've got three kids, I don't get out these days to see any scandals. Volcom Lane or the Raglan Roast Coffee shop would be a good place to get some goss."

Have you seen or heard of anyone famous wandering around town this summer?

"Not that I've heard at the moment, actually. Sometimes we get Shortland Street people but I haven't seen any this year."

What are your thoughts of the tourists?

"They're awesome. They bring a good vibe and bring business for us. Everyone is buzzing off of it.

Do locals tend to hide during the peak tourist period?

"Some do. Some get a bit overwhelmed. Truth be told, I do too sometimes. It's like, oh my god, there's no parking.

"I know people kind of probably plan their day around coming into town, they'll come in really early or really late. It's a blessing and a curse. You've just got to capitalise on it and come up with a business that can benefit from it."

How has the weather been?

"It's been overcast. Last year it was like this, I guess the seasons are arriving later. Summer is coming later and lasting later."

So you're a florist?

"Yeah we grow and design our own flowers. We've got a few weddings coming up so we're just getting organised for that."

Do you usually get a lot of hippy-type weddings in Raglan?

"Yeah, it does attract a lot of bohemian, free-spirited brides, which is our style so it's good."

Image source: Christel Yardley/Fairfax NZ


Raglan's Ngarunui Beach, Waikato district, NZ

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