The Waikato district consented 340 new dwelling consents in November 2016, a 9 year high, while New Zealand reached an 11 year high.

The number of new homes consented reached an 11-year high in the month of November, Statistics New Zealand said today. This was due to increased consents in Auckland and the usual pre-Christmas rush.

In November 2016, 2,973 new homes were consented – up 5.0 percent from November 2015, and the most for any month since March 2005, when 3,027 new homes were consented.

“Almost 40 percent of the new homes consented were in Auckland," business indicators manager Melissa McKenzie said. "The Waitemata and Gulf, Albert-Eden-Roskill, and Manukau wards had the biggest increases in the Auckland region."

The regions that consented the most new homes in November 2016 were:

  • Auckland – 1,156 (a 12-year high)
  • Canterbury – 459
  • Waikato – 340 (a 9-year high).
New home consents continue to rise in the Waikato district, New Zealand.

However, when adjusted to remove the impact of seasonal fluctuation, the number of new homes consented fell 9.2 percent in November 2016 compared with October 2016. This followed a 2.0 percent rise in October.

Consents for new homes up in November year

In the year ended November 2016, 30,303 new homes were consented in New Zealand, up 13 percent from the previous November year.

In Auckland, 10,137 new homes were consented over the year – an increase of 13 percent.

In Canterbury, where the Christchurch earthquake residential rebuild is slowly winding down, 6,054 new homes were consented, down 9.1 percent from November 2015.

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