Jordan Watson shows the Te Kauwhata rugby kids how to throw the gumboot.

Te Kauwhata rugby kids will be world famous after they were filmed for the new How to Dad mockumentary. 

Former resident Jordan Watson, and now the internet's How to Dad, visited the north Waikato town on Sunday to include the children in his film attempting to become the new national gumboot throwing champion.

Stay-at-home dad Watson's 'How to Dad' Facebook videos reach over 1.2 million people. 

Elliot Parkes, left, Billy, Jago and Daniel Grimmer take part in the How to Dad gumboot throwing mockumentary.
Elliot Parkes, left, Billy, Jago and Daniel Grimmer take part in the How to Dad gumboot throwing mockumentary.

Watson said Sunday was the start of the filming process and he wanted to bring some of it back to his home town. 

"Seeing TV cameras and things is something you don't really get do [in the town]… it creates a bit of buzz," he said. 

"We thought it would be quite fun to get some to get some kids involved."

Held at the Te Kauwhata Sports and Rugby Club,  a few dozen kids and their parents turned up to be part of the process. 

The film crew hail from the United States and are recent graduates, he said, with the mockumentary expected to be completed in April. 

Although the five-hour drive to Taihape for the main event would be too long for his two daughters, Mila and Alba, Watson will travel with a mate to the Rangitikei town's signature event.  

"I might have heard someone talking about it months ago that could have planted the seed, but you always see it on the news," he said, about the gumboot -throwing comp.

"I thought I could make my kids proud of me so I thought why not get down there and give this thing a crack?"

Watson said he may have travelled through Taihape when he was little and was looking forward to mixing with the crowd. 

"I know it's got a giant gumboot statue and that's about all I know," he said. 

"It's still weird people recognising you but there will be some good people there. We'll film something and get it up on the old interweb."

Watson said he enjoyed sharing his experiences with the world. 

"We've all grown up with that Kiwi humour so you sort of play off that," he said. 

"I try not to think about what I'm doing too much or I'll get myself nervous so I just play off that Kiwi humour a bit more than you usually would every day.

"I don't think you ever truly master parenting. They're growing up so fast I'm winging it just like any parent." 

Taihape's Gumboot Day is on March 4. 


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