Comedienne and Huntly resident Livi Mitchell says the North Waikato produces funny people like the Topp Twins.

At school she was one of the funny kids, now Livi Mitchell is set to make her first appearance at the New Zealand International Comedy Gala.

The Huntly resident will take  to the stage with Auckland's Amanda Kennedy for their act as The Fan Brigade.

They'll be performing their musical-style comedy piece in front of a live audience in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with their first show on April 27. 

"Singing is a big passion of mine, and being an idiot is a passion of mine, so I'm a singing idiot," Mitchell said. 

"We just tell a lot of real stuff as women... and our life in New Zealand...we kind of use Huntly because it does have a comedic charm."

Growing up in Te Kauwhata, the 31-year-old said she was always interested in performing arts.

"I was the kid who annoyed their parent's friends with skits."

At  Te Kauwhata College, she'd be one of the first to join the school production or choir.

Her teacher at the time, Keith Anderson, taught her everything she knows. 

"He was the best teacher, he had lots of faith in me, he expected me to end up in comedy."

As a teenage mum, it wasn't something she thought was possible and she went on to study law. 

But after deciding that wasn't for her - as well as other careers she tried to pursue, she made the move back to Huntly.

It was only three years ago when she entered into the comedy world properly, after meeting Kennedy through Twitter. 

They ended up collaboratively writing a piece for the 2014 Raw Comedy Quest - a competition they thought was for first-timers.

Turns out it was for anyone who had been doing comedy for up to two years.

Nevertheless their debut as comediennes sent them through to the semi-finals.

And ever since they've made a name for themselves with performances on 7 Days and AotearoHA: Rising Stars. 

To perform in the comedy gala has been a dream come true and Mitchell says it's only up from here with the Melbourne Comedy Festival in their sights. 

"We're super passionate and desperate to make this work."


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