Sharnay Cocup, and Fiona Hughes are hoping for as many volunteers as possible for the Taupiri walkway planting day on June 18.

Hundreds of native plants are set to be planted on the Taupiri Mountain Heritage Bush Track next month as part of its revamp.  

Taupiri Youth Group leader Sharnay Cocup is hoping to get as many people as possible to the planting day on June 18. 

"On planting day, we'll be able to achieve everything we want to."

To prepare for the planting, old shrubbery will be removed with a digger. 

The project was estimated to cost about $2000, Cocup said, and would be funded through grants and prize money from a Dragon's Den competition the group entered. 

The youth group has been heavily involved in revamping the overgrown tack in the past few years.

One of the projects was cleaning up the memorial space for Bob Somerville who died while trekking up the mountain in 2008. 

"Our main focus is to get it up to a good standard so everyone can use it," Cocup said.

It was also about teaching young Taupiri residents about the environment around them and the history that came with it, she said.

Since Cocup kick-started the track's development, she's been trying to promote it.

"It's all about exposure as well, yes there's the Hakarimatas but there's this to, we want to give it the exposure it deserves."

Since the Hakarimata Ranges closed for repairs early April, some have taken to Mount Taupiri, she said, and they were "blown away".

Cocup said some people had concerns given the urupa was situated on the other side of the mountain.

But she said it shouldn't be a deterrent given it's a public walkway and visitors just needed to treat it with respect. 

Once track one was completed, the group would start on track two, she said. 

Starting at 10am, she said the planting day would be a little different to last year's event with a competition to top the day off. 

"We're putting in a twist this year, it was a game my dad did, it was a pub run, they used to scull a pint of beer and run up Mount Taupiri, and I want to bring that back but without the alcohol."

Weather postponement date will be the following weekend. 


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