Waikato district pound dogs with be extra warm this winter

Waikato district council animal control team leader Megan May with one the pound pups who will be warmer this winter thanks to the Ngaruawahia knitting group.

Waikato district pound dogs with be extra warm this winter thanks to a Ngaruawahia knitting group.

The social group of avid knitters approached the Waikato District Council with an offer to create woolly jumpers for dogs at council's two pounds.

Last year, there were 1200 dogs taken in by the council pounds. 

Member Joyce Coleman said the idea originated from her granddaughter who works at a local animal health centre.

"She said that they had all these puppies and they wanted us to knit for them."

It's the first time the small group of ladies and one man has taken on a project for dogs.

In the past, they have worked on pieces for babies, the RSA and people in the Solomon Islands. 

Almost all requests that come their way, they take on. 

"We just knit until they don't want any more," Coleman said.

Animal control team leader Megan May was elated with the gesture.

"I was encouraged by the community support and excited for the puppies and dogs."

The clothing will be mainly used for smaller and older dogs but she said it can benefit any of them. 

"If dogs stress their immunity drops. Keeping them warm helps to keep them healthy."

And while there are blankets provided for them, they will be more cosy with an extra layer.

"It's good to be able to make the dogs as comfortable as possible in the pound situation," she said. 


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