Two Waikato businesses have put their taste buds together to create a novel brew.

Zealong Tea Estate and Good George Brewing have launched High Tea Amber Ale - a beer infused with black and oolong tea.

When tasting, the first thing that hits is the malt profile of the brown ale. 

The High Tea Amber Ale combines Good George beer with Zealong's oolong and black teas.


The High Tea Amber Ale combines Good George beer with Zealong's oolong and black teas.

Slowly, the hints of tea dominate, leaving an aftertaste that mingles both the beer and the tea.

"It's like having tea and biscuits all in one sip and is ideal for both male and female beer drinkers," Zealong blend master Amy Reason said.

Reason and Good George head brewer Brian Watson met over a cup of tea to talk about working together.

Just like that, the two businesses decided on a tea-infused beer, using Good George's Amber Ale and Zealong's award-winning black tea and their oolong tea.

The beer has already been given a bronze medal at the New Zealand Brewers' Guild Awards.

Reason said the experiment was super easy, despite Good George brewers having to scoop kilos of brewed tea leaves out of fermenters.

"The collaboration has been a full team effort on both sides. All of a sudden we now have a really amazing beverage in a can."

She said although the brew was very Waikato, it was world-wide as well.

Zealong received top honours in three categories at the Global Tea Championships in the US this year, and a Great Taste Award in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, Good George won 10 medals from the Brewers' Guild NZ International Beer Awards. 

"We've done a lot of collaborations over the last three years, and we do it not with other brewers but with local craftsmen and artisans because we want to embrace the Waikato," Watson said.

"And there was tea everywhere. We couldn't get it out of the tank and it was all over the floor, so it wasn't the easiest beer to make, but we gave it a pretty good nudge."

The businesses were planning their next blend.

In the meantime, people can have their taste of the High Tea Amber Ale at Good George Dining Hall and at Zealong Tea Estate.

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