Q. How do I read PDF documents?

A. Many of the application forms on this site are in PDF format. To open these documents you need a programme called Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer already, it can be downloaded for free from Adobe.

Q. What is ‘riparian management’ ?

A. ‘Riparian management’ refers to actions such as fencing and planting along the edges of waterways and wetland areas, to help improve water quality. Riparian planting is most effective when there is a long length of stream edge planted, especially for narrow streams. Ideally the smaller outer tributaries all the way through the stream system to the main stem of the river are planted.

Q. What is the planned route for the new Waikato Expressway?

A. The Waikato Expressway will run from the Bombay Hills in the north to just south of Cambridge passing to the east of Hamilton and to the north east of Cambridge.

Q. When is the Waikato Expressway likely to be completed?

A. Completion of the whole Waikato Expressway is targeted for 2019.

Q. Where is the Waikato?

A. The top of the Waikato district is 40km to Auckland International airport. To drive from Hamilton to Auckland takes one and a half hours.

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