Community led development

Our vision is that our communities are thriving, connected and able to turn their goals into reality. We achieve this by supporting community groups and leaders to deliver development initiatives that improve peoples lives. 

  • Build on existing strengths and assets
  • Bring people and groups together to share local visions
  • Empower diverse and collaborative local leadership
  • Create pathways for easy planning
  • Supporting and facilitating locally-led change programme delivery
  • Empowering communities to deliver their projects
  • Partnering with agencies to deliver organisational development workshop and training programmes
  • Promoting community initiatives
  • Linking communities with funders
  • Building local partnerships
  • Providing one-on-one group advice
  • Broker conversations between the community and Council

Our key partners are


Social Sector Advisory and training programme facilitators

Arts Development Advisors
Department of Internal Affairs
Social Sector Advisory and training programme facilitators
Social Sector Advisory and training programme facilitators
New Zealand

Community Development Advisor

What excites me most about my role:

I’ve been at Council for 10 years in April. I started at Council as the Graffiti & Safer Communities Co-ordinator. I set out very early on to build the role into a community developmental role.

I’m excited about people I get to meet and the variability of the role. I interact with any and all community grass roots groups. This is what excites and motivates me. I have not faulted from this belief and to this day I have a heavy desire to do good, meaningful work in this area.

A new piece of work for me involves community-led development. Essential to this new work is listening to and asking questions of the people who live, work and play in the district, to discover how we can provide training and workshops that meet their needs and goals.