The Waikato is a dynamic region that is home to significant environmental, infrastructure and community resources.

The Waikato is simply New Zealand’s best business and lifestyle location. The district is one of the country’s fastest growing places and is rich in natural resources and vital infrastructure. Best of all, the Waikato is a welcoming place. The district is open to new business, new investment, new people and new cultures. It’s hard to go past the Waikato advantage.

Waikato district offers a welcoming community to suit everyone and every family. Whether it’s a sleepy rural haven, a laid-back beach resort, or towns rich in history and cultural heritage, we have it all. Our close neighbours include New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, and its fourth largest city, Hamilton.


Infrastructure is essential for the economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental health and wellbeing of our community. Infrastructure should be developed and operated in a manner that is sustainable, taking into account economic, social, cultural, spiritual, and environmental matters.


Waikato’s building industry is in good health, mirroring a national trend as house-building activity makes the biggest gain in a decade. Latest Statistics New Zealand figures show a 12 per cent jump in residential building activity across the country.


Waikato is rich in natural resources including water, soils, minerals and forestry. Their ease of availability anchor the district’s major industries including agriculture, energy generation and manufacturing. The district takes the management of these resources seriously. At both a district and regional level, councils are active in ensuring the resources are used in an environmentally sustainable way and with respect for cultural traditions and quality of life enjoyed by residents.